Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (14)

How many items can I recycle?
You can recycle a minimum of 10 clothing items
What else can I recycle?
When do I receive my reward?
How can I schedule a pick?
Is delivery contactless?
What happens to the donated clothes?
Some items that can’t be sold are donated to charity organizations?
How do I get shipping Label?
How long is my shipping label valid?
Do I have to print shipping Label?
Do my discount have an expiry date?
How do I redeem my discount code?
Do you provide boxes or bags for my clothes?
What is the maximum weight?

Reward Questions (4)

When will I receive my reward
Once your items are received your reward points will be assigned to you, which you can then use to purchase your reward voucher
What kind of reward can I get
How long is my reward coupon valid for
How can I partner with RCR